International Emmy Awards 2023: Ekta Kapoor received the honour at the 51st International Emmy Awards Gala, which was held in New York City. 

Producer Ekta Kapoor has been honoured with the prestigious International Directorate Award at the 51st International Emmy Awards ceremony in New York. The award was presented by the renowned author and new age leader, Deepak Chopra, at the cereminyb held in New York. 

International Emmy Awards 2023: Ekta Kapoor Claims The Directorate Award.

Earlier, in August, Ekta Kapoor, sharing the news of her nomination, wrote, “Overflowing with humility and exhilaration as I receive this recognition. The award holds a cherished spot in my heart, symbolizing a journey that transcends work. Representing my nation globally through this esteemed platform is an honor beyond words. Television has been my compass of self-discovery, especially as a woman crafting tales for women. This accolade empowers me to stand for them and our shared achievements on the global stage (sic).”

International Emmy Awards 2023:Taking to Instagram, Ekta Kapoor shared a video of the prestigious award, which she captioned, “India I’m bringing home YOUR Emmy @iemmys.” The comments section of her video was flooded with red heart emoticons and congratulations shortly after she posted the video. 

Ekta Kapoor’s win shows her contributions have impacted the industry. Her win is not only a personal triumph, but a recognition of her unconventional and ground-breaking work, which consistently delivers content that resonates with a diverse audience for decades.

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