The rescue team has started horizontal drilling from entrance of the collapsed tunnel in Uttarakhand. For the first time in the last 10 days, visuals of the workers trapped inside the collapsed tunnel in Uttarakhand’s Silkyara surfaced on Tuesday morning. In a significant development, the rescue teams managed to successfully create an additional supply line on Monday by inserting a six-inch diameter pipe through the debris to the other side.  

Tehri Hydroelectric Development Corporation was going to start ‘micro tunneling’ on Sunday night on the Char Dham route from the Barkot end of the under-construction tunnel. On November 17, an American-made heavy-duty auger machine encountered a hard obstacle while boring for about 22 metres through the collapsed debris of 60-metre stretch from the Silkyara end. The boring through the debris has for now been halted. 

Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse A series of alternative rescue plans to reach the workers trapped inside the under-construction tunnel are being worked upon. 

  • Road, Transport and Highways Secretary Anurag Jain said that horizontal boring from the Silkyara is underway and if everything goes smoothly, it could take two to three days at least to get all the workers out. 
  • Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami, while commenting on whether an investigation will be launched into the Uttarkashi tunnel incident, said “Actions will be definitely taken against all suspicions but right now the priority is for all workers to come out safely.” 
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Tuesday, the second day in a row, to enquire about the progress of the rescue effort. 
Uttarkashi tunnel collapse: action plans to rescue 41 trapped workers
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