The latest addition to the Lamborghini family, the Lamborghini Revuelto, has set the automotive world ablaze with its unparalleled performance and speed. Crafted with precision and powered by cutting-edge technology, this sleek marvel promises an exhilarating driving experience like never before.  

Unleashing the full force of its roaring engine, the Lamborghini Revuelto demonstrated a flawless performance on the track. Its aerodynamic design and advanced handling capabilities allowed it to navigate corners with unparalleled finesse. 

The company has carried forward the signature style scissor doors on both sides, giving it a proper sporty vibe. It will also feature a new bumper at both ends, along with stylish 21-inch front and 20-inch rear alloy wheels. 

To make it more advanced, and give extra aero efficiency, Revuelto has been equipped with an aerodynamic load, which has been increased by 33 percent as compared to Aventador. At the same time, the rear load has witnessed an increment of 74 percent. 

Lamborghini Revuelto Specifications,Pricing And Review.

Under the hood, Revuelto is powered by a 6.5-litre V12 engine, along with a 3.8 kWh battery pack, generating a total power output of 1,015 bhp. It has been claimed by the company that the car can do a 0 to 100km/h sprint in under 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of 350km/h. 

It still gets the iconic scissor doors, but they now open to a completely new interior that also has the Y-shape design theme influence. Front and centre is an 8.4-inch vertical touchscreen, and it is accompanied by a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 9.1-inch passenger-side display, both of which can display the same information simultaneously. The three screens have also eliminated most of the physical buttons, apart from the ones on the steering wheel. 

The sports car maker Lamborghini is gearing up to drop the supercar Revuelto in the Indian market. The model already has been shown globally  in July, and a lot of details have been shared on the internet by the company. 

Price of Lamborghini Revuelto In India.

It is expected that the company might launch the model under the price bracket between Rs 10 crore to Rs 12 crore (ex-showroom). However, a confirmation about the same is yet to be delivered by the company. 


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